The Management

MR. J.D. SAPPHIRE (Manager and Correspondent)

Mr. J.D. Sapphire is the Manager and Correspondent of Daniel Thomas Institutions. He is the illustrious son of Thiru. J.J. Daniel, Founder of the Institutions. As a true son, he has lent a shoulder to all the endeavors of his father from a very early age. To this day, Mr. J.D. Sapphire carries out the responsibilities bestowed on him with zest and zeal. Soon after completing his education at the prestigious Loyola College, Chennai, Mr. J.D. Sapphire, assumed the responsibility as the Correspondent of Daniel Thomas Mat. Hr. Sec. School, Koyambedu, Chennai, in 1983. After the sad demise of the Founder in 1989, the responsibility of managing all the Institutions fell on the young shoulders of Mr. J.D, Sapphire.

With youth on his side, able leadership, orientation and inspiration as his driving force, Mr. J.D. Sapphire aspired to make Daniel Thomas Institutions the seat of academic excellence, thereby providing a stepping stone for every student to shine as future teachers, engineers, managers or leaders with exemplary character and total humanism.

To Mr. J.D. Sapphire the welfare of his students and staff is always the first priority. As an educationist he introduces innovative techniques to make learning a delightful experience. Interactive white-boards, English labs, eLearning are only a few innovations introduced periodically, in tune with the modern trend, to raise the quality of education to global standards.

Daniel Thomas Institutions, under the leadership of Mr. J.D. Sapphire, place as much importance to games and extra-curricular activities as they give to academics. Excellent infrastructure to promote holistic development of the students is the forte of these Institutions.

Mr. J.D. Sapphire is not only a notable educationist but also a philanthropist and is associated with many Charitable Organizations. His versatile abilities and qualities make him a prominent citizen in Chennai.

With 'Prayer Brings Victory' as his watchword, Mr. J.D. Sapphire, Manager and Correspondent of Daniel Thomas Institutions, sets higher goals and reaches them every passing year, taking his Institutions to greater heights and making them one of its kind in Chennai and Tirunelveli.

MRS. J.MINVELLI (Senior Principal)

Mrs. J. Minvelli is the Senior Principal of Daniel Thomas Institutions. With the sole objective of serving God through work, Mrs. Sapphire leads the Institutions with futuristic thinking and dedication.

Mrs. J. Minvelli heeded to the irresistible 'call' to be a teacher and commenced her educational pilgrimage in 1985, when she was just 21. She started her illustrious career as a teacher at Daniel Thomas Matric. Hr. Sec. School, Koyambedu, Chennai. Simultaneously she completed her graduation in Education. In 1987 she took over as the Principal of Daniel Thomas Matric. Hr. Sec. School, Arumbakkam, Chennai. Her zeal to augment academic benchmarks with an impassioned thirst for 100% results in academics does not diminish her enthusiasm to consummate the skills of the students in cultural, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities so that the students are better equipped to face the challenges of today's world.

As a true leader she does not just lead but believes in co-leadership. She motivates and encourages her staff to shine in their own niche. Appreciation and acknowledgement of good work comes easily to Mrs. Sapphire motivating both her staff and students do their best.

Her problem-solving capacity, innovative ideas, enterprising and diverse interests, her capacity of taking up challenges and winning them, set her apart as a remarkable educationist. Her empathy towards her staff and students make her Institutions more a home than a school.

She holds the motto of the Founder – "Prayer Brings Victory" – steadfast to her heart. Faith in God and relentless prayers are her strength, helping the Institutions to reach milestone after milestone every passing year.

Such prayerful disposition and modesty enable her to attribute all her achievements to the glory of God alone. As a woman of integrity and self composure, Mrs. Sapphire stands firm like a rock for truth and justice. Her passion and commitment to her work pervade her Institutions, thus fulfilling the God given mission.