Club Activity

  Holistic development of a student can only be achieved if children are allowed to follow their own passions. To ensure that all students have a creative outlet, the school has initiated a number of clubs to cater to the varying interests of the students.

Tamil Literary Club Scouts
English Literary Club Guides
Science Club Junior Red Cross
Hobby Club Road Safety Patrol
Comp. Science Club National Green Crops
Kiddies Club Bul bul

  These clubs are specially structured to culminate the skills in the students with the maximum possible exposure. Clubs in Group A are skill-based clubs which complement the academic skills gained by the student in the classroom with other essential life skills. The Group B clubs are service-based clubs and train the students to become responsible and civic- minded citizens.


  Hindi Academic training is given to the students who wish to learn and excel in Hindi to capitalize on career opportunities throughout India. Students are prepared for taking the Hindi Prachar Sabha Examinations conducted by the Government of India. Students receive a certificate upon successfully completing the examinations.