Enhanced Learning Programme

  Daniel Thomas schools ensure that all the students study, learn and grow intellectually in a way that will guarantee their success in any stream of higher education, both national and international. To this end, the schools have implemented a world class learning structure in the form of its Enhanced Learning Programme. The ultimate goal of the programme is to prepare the student for a successful career and a successful life sensitive to the world around him.
  The Enhanced Learning Programme is a specially developed system to help students understand easier and learn better. This is accomplished by supplementing the regular classroom learning with digitally-aided, multi-sensory learning. This programme utilizes some of the latest advancements in education technology.

The Enhanced Learning Programme includes


  This is a special programme that helps children develop their English speaking skill, motor ability, logical thinking capacity and mathematical ability.
   The Xcite Lab develops the young student into a competent learner who is capable of reading, understanding, thinking and voicing his thoughts; thus making him an independent learner at a very young age.

MI Kids

  The MI Kids program is a specialized English language learning methodology which focusses on teaching kids English as a naturalized language rather than an acquired one. Students in the I and II Standard are taught to speak and read English through phonetics and sounds rather than alphabets. This enables the students to speak fluently, understand the language easily and to even read words they are unfamiliar with by using the phonetic reading style taught in this system.

Value based Education

  The Ignite Life Skills programme is a supplement to the regular subject in the curriculum. This programme focuses on making students ready to face the challenges of the real world and achieve success in their lives, specifically their professional life.
   All topics of importance including Spoken English, moral development, personality development, social etiquette and career counselling will be covered in this programme. Students will be armed with all the skills and knowledge needed to select, choose, pursue and attain any career and position in life that they desire.

Smart Class

  The Enhanced learning programme also includes HCL's nationally reputed 'Digiclass room' learning concept.
   This is an additional aid to learn all their subjects through audio visual and multimedia enabled classes. Students will be able to watch and experience what they learn in their text books giving them a clearer understanding of all concepts and lessons. Further, this innovative teaching pattern will also help transform classes into an enjoyable and fun filled activity.

IT Wizard with NIIT

  Computer education has a fundamental role to make a person successful in today's technologically advanced world.
   To keep pace with the IT explosion, Daniel Thomas Schools maintain the lead by imparting the pupils with the skills required to use and excel with computers under the able guidance of teachers. In addition to it our schools have tied up with the computer education giant NIIT. NIIT will issue a certificate to each successful candidate, which they can proffer to any interviewer as a valuable testimony.